A week in the life of…






Sunday deets

It’s Sunday Funday at our apartment right now which means meal prepping, cleaning and wrapping presents. My fiancé, one of our couple friends and I are going to the Dominican Republic in a couple weeks and returning December 23rd so its been a mad dash to try and get my apartment feeling like Christmas and finish all my shopping/wrapping before December 24th which is usually when all of this gets done. With Thanksgiving this week and all the craziness that’s been going on, I haven’t gotten a chance to post since last Sunday which is extremely lame! I figured I would do an Instagram round up from the week. I’m an accountant which means my outfits during the week consist of some variation of white, black and grey. The one thing I try to do is spice them up a bit and make them more my style. Earlier this week I paired Rag and Bone black pants with a white peplum button down from Forever 21 and a pair of fringe booties from DS-dubs. Now I know the whole point of my blog is to show outfits for the real girl on a real budget so usually Rag and Bone anything doesn’t come into play but these pants are the tits. Totally worth the splurge for any of my ladies that have a corporate job. They’re tight so you don’t feel like an actual man but not too tight that you feel borderline inappropriate. I probably wear them once a week which is kind of disgusting but I don’t care. My point is, if you’re going to splurge, make it count – and these pants are amazing. Saturday my fiancé and I braved the crowds at the mall. Other than having a mild panic attack trying to get through the massive amount of people huddled around the Macy’s perfume counters the rest of the mall wasn’t too bad and the sales were pretty good. I stocked up on a bunch of sweaters and other cold weather accessories from Cotton On since they were having 40% off of everythang!!! The sweater I wore on Sunday is from Cotton On and the open back and mock neck make it just edgy enough for me. I paired that sweater with a pair of snake skin leggings from Ruby and Jenna making it the most comfortable Sunday attire. This weekend I also did a shit ton of online shopping, mostly for our trip, which I’ll post during my vacation recap post in a couple of weeks. I tried to link as much as I could below so you ladies can check it out for yourselves. Have an amazing Sunday night!! Xx – Jess

Outfit deets:

Work – Pants

Saturday – Pants, Sneakers

Sunday – Sweater, Bag, Sunnies


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