What They Said – 11.20.2016

Now, I know what you’re thinking – oh god, please not ANOTHER fashion blog. And honestly, I kinda feel the same way. What differentiates my pictures with strategically placed iPhones, red Starbucks cups, flowers, green juice, my dog, my fiancé and so on from the million of other pictures circling all over social media…..and the answer is simple – it’s for real girls. Now, I’m not saying the insta-famous women we swoon over aren’t real, they’re just not realistic (at this point in time at least) for your average twenty-something year old.  I don’t know about you but there was no worse feeling than finally getting my Like To Know It email or stalking down one of the pieces they were wearing only to find out their jacket was $1,500….uhm no, that’s my rent. I realized I wanted to follow a blog that related more to my life right now rather than the life I hope to have one day. So I thought, why not start ANOTHER fashion blog where I can share my experiences as your average twenty-something year old. The daily struggle of juggling adulting, working full time as an auditor, planning a wedding, trying to become wifey material (AKA cooking) and having a social life all while sticking to a budget. And that’s how What They Said was born. Because what they said, what all the magazines tell us just isn’t real for most people. I hope you follow along with this crazy journey called the twenties and share your experiences through my ups, downs and all other strategically-planned pictures with no bullshit blog posts ;). Xxx – Jess

Sweater – Mine’s embarrassingly old but I linked a few that I loooove here ($27.90) and here ($24.90)

Fur – I bought mine when I was in Paris a few years ago, but this one ($39.90) and this one ($39.90) are currently in my cart right now

Jeans – Articles of Society – $59 (I get all of my jeans from Ruby & Jenna which is a boutique found all over Long Island, NYC and New Jersey)

Sneakers – Target – $34.99

Leaving the house at 8am on a Sunday vs…..
When Bae says we’re going to get food

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